Welcome to a strange sewer filled with slimes. 

There are five slimes for you to defeat.

Exit the dungeon alive to win!

Q or page up - rotate left

E or page down - rotate right

W/A/S/D or arrows - directional movement

There are three characters with three actions each.
The first character has three attacks. 

The second has an attack, a buff to the parties stamina, and another minor attack.

The third character has an attack, a buff to the parties health, and another minor attack.

Stamina and health will deplenish over time, but the magic users can convert their magic into stamina or health for the party. 

A party member can be revived with the mage, and some attacks/ actions require a minimum of stamina or magic to complete.

The  magic users will eventually run out of magic, so see how far you want to press your luck before running for the exit.

Thanks for taking a look!

Completed for the 2022 dungeoncrawlers.org game jam. 



strange_slime_sewers-windows-amd64.exe 8 MB
strange_slime_sewers-linux-raspberrypi.bin 8 MB
strange_slime_sewers-android.apk 10 MB
strange_slime_sewers-linux-amd64.bin 8 MB
strange_slime_sewers-macos.zip 7 MB

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